By: M J Sperry

Freedom Tool #3

The only certain way to ensure the rescue of America, is to "economically" excite her people into positive, constructive action. To jazz them, by rapidly delivering on the promise that is America, a promise sometimes called "the good life". A promise that will "jam" as much wealth into the pockets & bank accounts of Americans as is prudently possible.

People become motivated to protect that which they own. Therefore, think of SuperCompany as an economic supercharger that will motivate America into the rapid creation of vast, "new" wealth. Wealth created using the time honored principles of wealth creation, to bring into existence new wealth and thus convert this country from labor based, to profit based subsistence.

The Real Reason Jobs Are Being Lost

Automation has quietly entered the workplace. Virtually everything mass produced today is built by machines, and not so much by offshore "cheap labor" as we have been led to believe. It's the real and very well hidden reason, why "jobs" are disappearing. With that in mind, consider that there are only two ways to earn a living; earnings on the sale of one's labor or earnings on investment, or profit. Even taxes are downstream from these two. If a workers only means of earning a living is through the sale of their labor, and that labor is rapidly being diminished through the incessant march of the machine, then the only path left for the worker is to switch to earnings on investment as their primary means of support. There simply is no other way.


We occasionally proclaim "our country" to be a capitalistic society even though, ironically, very few of us are indeed capitalists. Virtually all of us earn our daily bread by selling our labor for wages in the labor marketplace. SuperCompany will change that quickly, inexpensively ($10 a wk.) and safely. It will do this by turning all who participate into people who sustain themselves and families through return on investment, or profit. SuperCompany would result in the very rapid creation of many small, local investment companies of 18-35 people, organizationally modeled on traditional venture-capital companies. Companies that would not be retail, wholesale, manufacturing, processing, sales or service companies. They would be one and only one thing, investment companies. These companies would invest from a pool of capital derived from the contribution by each member of $10 a week. No more than this amount will be allowed. Indeed, no more than this amount would be needed. It's plenty! Other than contributing $10 a wk, the only other thing a company member would have to do, is to occasionally vote on the selection of investments. This might take a couple of hours, once a month. That's all that is required. Nothing else.

Preventing Failure

To succeed, it is only necessary to not fail. SuperCompany has two built-in fail-safe features. These features will not just prevent failure, but will actually force success. They consist of: One, each company would only invest in those businesses that deliver products or services their members would normally be using anyway, almost all of which would be local/regional "ground-floor" startups. Two, many companies would join together, each company only investing a tiny fraction of the required investment. Many investors, then become, many customers. "Good" customers, that would never let their businesses fail for lack of business, as all they have to do is purchase from their own business that which they would normally be buying anyway. An Example: If a thousand customers a week would be needed to make a business successful, then that business would require a minimum of a thousand investors, to achieve fail-safe status. A thousand investors, equals a thousand 'good' customers. Think about it! If you owned a piece of a business and you needed a product or service that your own business could provide you with, who would you make every effort to buy from? Your competition, or your own business? That's like asking: "If you were playing a basketball game, would you take points away from your own team and give them to the other team, if you didn't have to?" By creating businesses that are funded by your own investment company you also create "jobs", good paying jobs. Why? Because as more and more people begin earning their living from "profit", more and more people will begin to "work" less and less. Fewer workers in the work force, together with the expected proliferation of "robotics" in factories (both owned by the owners of SuperCompanies) the price of labor should be driven increasingly higher. Plus, since you're buying from yourself and even others like yourself, you virtually guarantee success. Because the only real trick to a successful business, is getting the required number of 'good' customers into the business on an ongoing, continual basis. - Right?

The Complete Plan

SuperCompanies can be up and running in a matter of days. They require very little in the way of interaction between participants, even during the vote process. SuperCompanies will solve many problems. The elderly worried about the demise of Social Security. Students plunged into a lifetime of crippling debt, unable to pay off their student loans. Plus the ever present decrease in the standard of living. A standard that used to make the "good life" affordable in this country. Something that will return with SuperCompany. People are telling you the sky is falling, this is the end. Baloney! Don't believe 'em! This is only the beginning! Our best days are ahead of us! SuperCompanies will save us if their is trouble ahead and only enrich us if their isn't. Impossible? Don't believe me? Follow the links below and read "The Sperry Plan" from which this idea sprang. Especially read the numbers presented in the sections "A Real Life Example" and "An Example Of Compounded Profits". Just see if you don't agree. Besides, what's the most you could lose? Ten bucks a week and a couple of hours a month. Sure beats the lottery/mac

The Sperry Plan

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